Pet Therapy

Llamas and alpacas make excellent therapy animals because they are intuitive and curious with new people and surroundings. They brighten the day with visits to nursing homes, retirement homes and hospitals. They make everyone smile. They seem to sense the needs of others and are giving and gentle animals.

Residents and patients have their picture taken with the animals, who by their very nature make people more comfortable. Their faces light up and they have a very positive impact, remembering the experience for weeks. Some doctors have recommended them for working with the handicapped or mentally challenged children and adults. Patients that have not spoken for months will become quite verbal and they can bring out the personality of the shyest person. Kids in school or summer camp will remember the encounter for years to come.

Llamas are very social animals and alpacas are very social animals. They are very particular about where they defecate so are easily house broken. They quickly figure out how to negotiate rooms, hallways, stairs, elevators, and various floor surfaces. Both are happy travelling in a van with a herdmate or two.