In today’s lifestyle of sitting in front of a computer or the television there is no better way to get some exercise and a better quality of life then hiking.

Packing or hiking is the most exciting way to really bond with your llama, plus it relieves you of the burden  of carrying a pack so in fact you can enjoy and hike further.

Get your whole family out , relieve the weeks stress and let the kids run, they sleep way better at night!

Got a little one don’t let that stop you llamas can also be trained for a child to ride (up to 100 pounds). In the picture below we have been on the trail for three hours.

What can I do with my teenager? Everyone loves to get outside breath fresh air and spent quality time with a companion that will connect with you just like the family dog. Pack a lunch, find a llama what are you waiting for!

Don’t forget to share a drink and a snack, after all who is carrying the load.

After all is said and done take your partner’s packs off and take a load off yourself. Really appreciate that you are alive and healthy and able to share the beautiful place we live in and the wonderful and gentle animals that we chose to share our life with!

10 Day Wilderness Pack Trip

Find breeders that have the knowledge of training and start with llamas that are trained! Two beginners out on the trail are not the ideal situation. Farms should be willing to help you get started and stand behind their animals and equipment. When you do the research you will be rewarded ten fold with life experiences that you can’t begin to understand not to mention the health rewards you will experience.