The ultimate llama experience is carting!

Llamas much prefer a trip to working in a ring or circle, they do it once and go what’s next we understand this job. They like new experiences and different surroundings, which works out great for public relation jobs. 

Llamas can be driven single, double or triple hooked up side by side. We chose never to drive single as llamas prefer to be with a least one or more herd mates.  Plus if you are doing any kind of distance or hills you need the power of two or even better three llamas (the only time it is not a good idea to drive three is when the space or trail does not allow for it). Driving three is an unreal feeling of another time imagine the chariot drivers in Roman times. You are close enough to the llamas to touch their tails and when three abreast run it is a lot of power, not to mention the sight it creates.

To see the reaction from people watching a parade is one of disbelief and amazement and when you see it played back on video or look at these pictures you really understand what a wonderful sight it is.

Llamas responded to voice commands you developed a deep relationship with the animals you drive. They pull because they want too, not because they are forced. They like to run and by driving them it allows you to cheat and feel like your one of the llamas.

Unlike horses the equipment is light and easy to handle. Harnesses are made from one inch webbing which is  long wearing and a breeze to care for.

Training is the key to safe and fun carting and llamas should be trained to pack and be comfortable on trails and around outside distractions before they are introduced to carting. There is a training schedule that should be followed to ensure that llamas and driver are safe and happy. As you use no form of bit (like a horse uses) you need to have driver and llama  understand each other and vocal commands are key.

If you are interested in carting find a farm that will help you pick animals that are suited to the job and find llamas that are multi purposed. It is critical that the animals chosen are at least three years old, run together and are trained to pack before you introduce them to carting. By talking to people that have already learnt the rules for safe carting you are ensuring that you and your team have many safe and fun trips.