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Welcome To the Islands!


The Vancouver Island Llama and Alpaca Club consists of a variety of local (or friends of local) farmers, fibre artists and/or camelid enthusiasts. If you are lucky enough to consider yourself in any of these categories, OR if you are considering adding alpacas or llamas to your current farm or as a possible lifestyle choice, we invite you to check out our club. We are a friendly bunch, offering the opportunity to not only purchase healthy animals but to guide & support you in the confidence to care for your new animals. Our meetings offer workshops and tons of information through the experience of our many long time members. Whether it be handling & training, llama packing, fibre processing or getting ready for your first show, all you need to know is available through our club.

Contact us at:

Feel free to attend any of our meetings posted on the coming events page and/or contact any our farms listed on the club members page, or any of the club officers listed below:

Club Officers:

President:                     Tracy Brennan              Tel. 250-893-5515

Vice-President:            Cathy Christopher         Tel. 778-426-4200

Secretary:                     Ian Jones                      Tel. 250-619-1915

Treasurer:                     Kim Wijohn                 Tel. 778-433-5224

Director-at-large:         Sandy Barta                  Tel. 250-642-0205

Join the club!

If you are interested in joining the club please download the membership application form and send to the Treasurer, together with the annual dues. The club constitution and bylaws can be viewed here.